Optrel Weldcap Welding Helmet

by Optrel
Part Number : OP-1008.000
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The Optrel Weldcap is a unique concept combining a welding helmet with a cap which brings the welding lens closer to the welder's eyes, considerably increasing the welder's field of vision without the need to increase the size of the welding lens. This innovative design means that the Weldcap is also a very lightweight welding helmet, particularly given the field of vision.

A clever, Swiss made welding helmet that provides great comfort and large vision.

Welding Helmet Comparison Grid
Unique Features Truly unique and light weight shell design
Viewing Area Extra-Large: Small lens brought closer to the eyes increases the field of view (Optrel claims up to 2.7 times that of a standard welding helmet)
Viewing Quality Standard Vision
Optical Classification 1/1/2/2
Light Shade Shade 3
Dark Shade Range 9-12
Sensitivity of Detection 5 amps
Grind feature Grind Mode
Suitable for Stick, MIG, TIG (>5 amps) & Grinding
Warranty 2 years
Weight 390 grams
Battery Type Replaceble Batteries
Comfort Features Unique and light weight cap design
Included Extras No
PAPR Information N/A

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