Optrel Liteflip Autopilot Welding Helmet with E3000 PAPR

by Optrel
Part Number : OP-4540.000.20H
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The Optrel liteflip autopilot is a super lightweight welding helmet combining a flip-up welding lens, a clear grinding visor and a PAPR with a high maximum flow rate to keep the welder cool and protected against welding fume.

Featuring automatic shade level selection and a shade 14 dark state this helmet is recommended for heavy duty and high amperage professional welding where grinding is required or there is low visibility in your work area.

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Unique Features
  • Auto-Pilot: Fully-automated shade level selection
  • Shade 14 for high amperage welding
  • Flip-Up Grinding Visor
Viewing Area Large: 50 x 100 mm
Viewing Quality True Vision
Optical Classification 1/1/1/2
Light Shade Shade 4
Dark Shade Range 5-14
Sensitivity of Detection 3 amps
Grind feature Flip-Up Grinding Visor (Clear 82 x 102mm)
Suitable for Stick, MIG, TIG (>3 amps), Cutting & Grinding
Warranty 2 years
Weight Approximately 2,290 grams for the complete system (730 grams helmet with 1,560 gram PAPR)
Battery Type Replaceable and solar assist
Comfort Features Comfort Head Harness
Included Extras
  • Storage bag
  • Helmet belt clip
PAPR Information
  • RMPF: 50
  • Flow rate: 150/200/250 litres per minute
  • Weight: 1,560 grams
  • Battery Life: 20 hours
  • Filter Options: Particle & Odour Filter

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