Kemppi Gamma GTH3 SFA Welding Helmet with PFU 210e PAPR

by Kemppi
Part Number : 9873120

The new Kemppi welding helmet, the Kemppi Gamma GTH3 SFA Welding Helmet with PFU 210e PAPR, is the latest welding helmet by Finland based Kemppi. This highly anticipated helmet has been designed with a number of welding specific feature in mind, not previously seen on other helmets.

The Kemppi Gamma GTH3 with SFA auto darkening lens and PFU 210e PAPR comes with a number of revolutionary features, including GapView Technology, Axis Regulation, as well as Life+ colour (Kemppi's version of the realistic vision found on many newer welding helmets).

This helmet use the smaller SFA lens rather than XFA lens, and this model doesn't come with the front lights that the XFA version comes with.

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