3M Speedglas Welding & Safety Helmet 9100XXi MP Air with Adflo PAPR

by 3M Speedglas
Part Number : 577726
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The Speedglas 9100 MP welding helmet (made in Sweden, like all Speedglas welding helmets) features a safety helmet and a powered air respirator, offering welders 5 levels of protection; Eye, Face, Head, Hearing and Respiratory protection, all compliant with Australian standards.

This professionals welding helmet also features side windows for peripheral vision and has the most powerful arc detection currently available on the market. This flip-up welding helmet is perfect for the elite welder who requires the most comprehensive protection including a hard hat and wants the most powerful welding helmet, large views and where grinding is a large part of their work day.

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Unique Features
  • Safety Helmet
  • Flip-Up Grinding Visor
  • Largest viewing area on the market
  • Side windows for peripheral vision
  • Automatically turns on
  • Most powerful arc detection available (1 amp)
Viewing Area Extra Large: 73 x 107mm + SideWindows
Viewing Quality True Vision
Optical Classification 1/1/1/2
Light Shade Shade 3
Dark Shade Range 5, 8-13
Sensitivity of Detection 1 Amp
Grind feature Flip-Up Grinding Visor (Clear & Curved 100 x 170mm)
Suitable for Stick, MIG, TIG (>1A), Cutting & Grinding
Warranty 3 years + 1 year if registered
Weight 2,145 grams (Helmet 1185 grams + PAPR 960 grams)
Battery Type Replaceable 3V lithium Batteries
Comfort Features
  • Ergonomics engineered to reduce weight when worn
  • Silver Front reflects heat
Included Extras
  • Premium Carry Bag
  • 2 cover lenses
PAPR Information
  • RMPF: 50
  • Flow rate: 170-200 litres per minute
  • Weight: 1,800 grams
  • Battery Life: 8 hour run time charges in 4 hours (rapid 1 hour charge to 80%)
  • Filter Options: Particle, Gas Filter (A1) & Odour Filter

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