3M Speedglas G5-02 Welding Helmet

by 3M Speedglas
Part Number : 621120
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The newest 3m Speedglas welding helmet is finally here! The Speedglas G5-02 - the world's first welding helmet with a curved lens utilising the 3M Speedglas Curved Glass Technology. This helmet follows the same curve as your head, maximising your visibility while welding.


The G5-02 is a must have for any TIG welder - light weight and precision Speedglas optics. Or if you're a Speedglas nut and must have every helmet in their collection!

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Unique Features
  • 100% larger field of view over traditional Speedglas lenses
  • Most powerful arc detection available (1 amp)
Viewing Area Extra Large: 76 x 150mm
Viewing Quality True Vision
Optical Classification 1/1/1/2
Light Shade Shade 2.5
Dark Shade Range 8-12
Sensitivity of Detection 1 Amp
Grind feature
Suitable for Stick, MIG, TIG (>1A), Cutting & Grinding
Warranty 3 years + 1 year if registered
Battery Type Replaceable 3V lithium Batteries
Comfort Features
  • Harness and ergonomics engineered to reduce weight when worn
  • Ratchet Harness and Multiple Adjustments
Included Extras
PAPR Information N/A

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