The Welding Helmets Online Story

About Welding Helmets Online
With a name like “Welding Helmets Online”, you may have guessed what we specialise in and what we do, but it’s how and why we do it that’s important.



After working within the industry for over a decade, we often found ourselves searching for impossible to find information about our favourite welding helmets, and the spare parts necessary to maintain them. Most shops and websites seemed to be more focused on providing information about welding machines than about welding helmets – even when there was information available, it was often outdated, inaccurate or incomplete. 

Welders rely on welding helmets and PAPR's to protect their eyes and lungs, and without one single place to find the suitable information to make an informed purchase on how to be best protected, it’s likely that many of Australia’s welders are working under-protected. Welding fume has just been reclassified as “carcinogenic to humans” (causes cancer), so respiratory protection is as important as ever, however with some welding helmets costing thousands of dollars, it’s also important to make sure what you’re buying is right for you.
Our mission at Welding Helmets Online is to provide welders with clear, comprehensive information for them to make the best decisions about their health and safety while welding – in short we want to keep Australian welders healthy.


We launched Welding Helmets Online to make a difference, so before opening we spent months going through every possible piece of information available about the best welding helmets in the market. We have structured Welding Helmets Online in a way that allows you to search for products based on criteria specifically designed around what welders care about in a welding helmet.
We then built strong relationships with the best welding helmet companies in the world meaning that we are able to provide Australian welders with the best helmets, best way of comparing helmets, and the best prices all in the same place.


Finally, we created a unique ‘feature grid’ for every welding helmet outlining the key features that particular helmet offers to help you compare the features without having to visit numerous different websites. It’s all on one site, and it’s all in a format that is much easier for welders to compare without confusion.
If for any reason you still need more information about which welding helmet or spare parts you need, you can pick up the phone to our team of welding helmet experts who can talk you through the ins and outs of each welding helmet and spare part.

Please feel free to email with any enquiries.