Optrel Liteflip Passive Welding Helmet Shade 11

by Optrel
Part Number : OP-1004.700
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The Optrel Lite-Flip Passive Shade 11 is a super lightweight welding helmet featuring a flip-up passive shade 11 welding lens that reveals a clear grinding visor.

This helmet is recommended for welders who only require a passive welding lens (non-auto-darkening) who also frequently carry out grinding tasks.

Welding Helmet Comparison Grid
Unique Features Flip-Up Grinding Visor
Viewing Area Large: 50 x 100 mm
Viewing Quality Passive Welding Lens
Optical Classification N/A
Light Shade Shade 11
Dark Shade Range 11
Sensitivity of Detection N/A
Grind feature Flip-Up Grinding Visor (Clear 82 x 102mm)
Suitable for Mid Amperage Stick & MIG and Grinding
Warranty 2 years
Weight 490 grams
Battery Type N/A
Comfort Features Comfort Head Harness
Included Extras No
PAPR Information N/A

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