Tecmen FreFlow V1 iExp815 Welding Helmet with FreFlow PAPR

by ClearWelding
Part Number : WHFFV1.815S
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The Tecmen FreFlow V1 welding helmet is a solid mid-tier welding helmet with powered air respirator combination. With the best possible optical classification 1/1/1/1, the large auto-darkening welding lens with realistic vision is suitable for Stick, MIG, TIG, Cutting and Grinding applications.


Welding Helmet Comparison Grid
Unique Features Best optical classification 1/1/1/1 combined with Realistic Vision
Viewing Area Large: 62 x 97mm
Viewing Quality Realistic Vision
Optical Classification 1/1/1/1
Light Shade Shade 3.5
Dark Shade Range 5-13
Sensitivity of Detection 2 amps
Grind feature Grind Mode
Suitable for Stick, MIG, TIG (>2A), Cutting & Grinding
Warranty 3 years
Weight 2480 grams (helmet 1,460 grams + PAPR 1,020 grams)
Battery Type Replaceable batteries with solar assist
Comfort Features  
Included Extras
  • 4 outside cover lenses
  • 2 inside cover lenses
PAPR Information
  • RMPF: 50
  • Flow rate: 170-210 litres per minute
  • Weight: 1,020 grams
  • Battery Life: 9 hour run time, charges in 1 hour
  • Filter Options: Particle, Gas Filter (A1B1E1K1)

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