Welding Helmets

Here at Welding Helmets Online, we believe that every welder in Australia should have access to the best welding helmets with the best support at the best price... every time. We also believe that comparing lids and finding the right mask should be made simple. We stock the best welding helmet brands and we offer free shipping to anywhere in Australia.

Selecting the Best Welding Helmet

We’ve created a website that makes selection easy. Use our custom-built filters to drill down to the products that suit your requirements. Simply click on the features that you want in a mask, to narrow your search. Then use our unique “Comparison Grid” to compare welding helmets across the features that actually matter without the confusion and marketing buzz words. Choosing a helmet using facts as opposed to jargon or hype.  

All the Best Welding Helmet Brands

Here at Welding Helmets Online, we only stock the best brands available in Australia. If it appears on our website you can trust that the mask is a quality product from a quality brand. All welding shields on this site including brands like Speedglas, Optrel, Jackson, ClearWelding and Promax are backed by our Best Price Guarantee and Free Shipping Policy*. If you’re ordering in bulk, need contract pricing or want us to tender then please drop us a line through our Bulk Buys, Contracts and Tenders section and we’ll happily put together a comprehensive, competitive quote.


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