Why Welding Helmets Online?

Welding Helmets Online has officially launched, meaning that no matter if you live in Sydney or Singleton, Melbourne or Mandurah, Perth or Port Augusta, Brisbane or Ballarat, or all the way up in Karratha – you now finally have easy online access to the best brands of welding helmets backed by our best price guarantee and our free delivery policy right around Australia.

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The story of Welding Helmets Online started because there was a complete lack of quality websites featuring welding helmets, PAPRs and welding helmet spare parts. Even if you could find the welding helmet, you couldn’t find the spare parts, or the information was wrong, or the person on the other end of the phone backing up the website didn’t know, and seemingly didn’t care.

We believed that this was because welding helmets for most companies are just “add-on” products. They sell the welding helmets because they support the other products they sell like gas, consumables and welding machines. This means that if they are sold online, the welding helmets are hard to find and the information is incomplete or flat-out wrong.

Welding helmets protect welders from harmful UV and IR radiation and importantly also have the potential to protect from welding fume, notably just reclassified as a cause of cancer. At Welding Helmets Online, our mission is to help welders keep their eyes and lungs healthy and safe, and we think welding helmets are more important than just another product in a catalogue. Welding helmets also have the potential to cost over $2,000 meaning that you want the right product and you don’t want to pay more than you need to. This is just one more reason why we have launched Welding Helmets Online.
Welding Helmets Online exists so that all welders can have online access to the best welding helmet brands, organised and structured in a way that makes sense by those who understand welding helmets. Our custom built features make finding what you need easy and our unique welding helmet comparison index allows welders to compare welding masks on features that actually matter and are consistent across products and brands. We have taken the time to analyse every helmet and dig into the literature to expose the key areas for comparison so that you can be certain you’re choosing the right welding helmet for you.
Finally an online store that understands and puts welding helmets and welding helmet spare parts first!
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