Weldclass Promax 350 Welding Helmet Review

The legends at Weldclass gave the team at Welding Helmets Online a Weldclass Promax 350 Welding Helmet and after giving it a whirl we thought we’d put pen to paper and let you all know what we thought of this welding mask. So, here’s my review on the Promax 350 Fire Metal Helmet. 

As soon as you take it out of the box, this helmet looks great. The graphics on the website don’t do it justice because when I saw this helmet in the flesh I was blown away by the design of the helmet and how the graphics lifted right off the shield. A very cool looking helmet!

After having welded with a number of much more expensive welding helmets, this mask gives you so much bang for your buck. It’s unique to see a welding helmet in this price range give you a welding lens this large and with a decent optical classification. Another thing you won’t often see at this price range is 4 sensors. 

With regards to the other key specs, this welding helmet gives you a shade range of 9 through to 13 and is suitable for Stick, MIG and TIG with the added benefit of a Grind mode setting. You’re fine to do some TIG welding with this welding helmet, but we’d recommend if you are going to be doing really low amps below around 30 amps you may need to spend a little more and get yourself a helmet with higher sensitivity. However, for everything else this helmet is good as gold.

Overall a very handy welding helmet – we were very impressed. Thanks to the team at Weldclass letting us test out their Promax 350 welding helmet and for anyone interested in checking this helmet out for themselves you can find it here 

Weldclass Promax 350 Welding Helmet

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