How to compare welding helmets
July 1, 2018

How to Compare Welding Helmets

by Andrew McLaughlin

Which welding helmet is best? How to choose a welding helmet? Which welding mask brand is best? These are some of the questions we most frequently get asked. So we have made it easy! We have analysed every welding helmet on the market and looked past all the marketing and sales hyperbole to create a unique welding helmet comparison index.

Welding Helmet Information

We have filtered all the welding helmet information and specifications down into what actually matters to the welder and then broken this information into a unique grid of welding helmet features. This grid also ensures every helmet is compared using the same language.

For example many brands use the size of the welding filter to make it sound like their viewing area is larger than it really is. We instead make sure that every viewing area is judged only on the size of the area of the welding filter that you look through and every measurement is in millimetres in the same format every time: height by width.

Use Our Welding Helmet Comparison Index

By using this index the welder has a consistent measurement tool they can use to effectively and accurately and most importantly quickly understand the differences, strengths and weaknesses between different welding masks from different brands so they can find the helmet that’s right for them.

Our custom and unique filtering tools also allow the welder to drill down to the masks that are worth comparing based on their individual needs, budget, skill level or preference for brand or model.

Basically here at Welding Helmets Online we make selection easy and then back it up with first class support, the best prices backed by our Best Price Guarantee and our lightning fast Free Shipping Policy.

So dive straight in and start using the key feature grid by navigating to our welding helmet section. Filter the products down into those that fit your requirements and then compare each helmet using our unique comparison index.


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