5 things you should know before you buy a welding helmet!

There are literally thousands of different types of welding helmets available so what should you know before you dive in and select a welding helmet?

By Price

Even though price should never be the only consideration it’s a fact of life that your budget dictates what you can afford. In Australia, Auto Darkening Welding helmets can range anywhere from $80 - $2,500 depending on the features they can offer so there’s a wide range of options to choose from. Welding Helmets Online make it easy by giving you a “By Price” filter which allows you to filter all the helmets “By Price” so that you can discover what types of welding masks and features are available at different price levels.

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By Need

Once you are comfortable with your budget and understand what’s available at each price point it’s time to understand exactly what you want and more importantly what you need based on your welding processes and applications. Welding Helmets Online again make it easy by breaking the welding shields down into key features and allowing the welder to filter the helmets “By Need”. So no matter if you need powered air, flip-up to grind, graphics, safety helmets, TIG helmets or large viewing areas, you can filter the helmet range to your exact specifications.

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By Welder

Not all welding helmets are the same just as not all welders are the same. Some welders just want a welding helmet that does the basics because it will spend most of its time collecting dust in the garage. Then there are professional welders who will use their helmet every day and it will become the key to making sure they live a healthy life after they put the helmet down. No matter what your situation or skill level, Welding Helmets Online have a welding helmet built for you. Simply filter “By Welder” to discover the welding helmets we think are best for you.

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By Specifications

Now you understand your budget and the welding helmets that suit your individual needs (by need & by welder) you can dig deeper into the specifications of the remaining helmets to arrive at your final decision. At Welding Helmets Online we don’t reproduce the specification list given to us by the manufacturers. Instead, we have created a unique “Welding Helmet Comparison Index” where we provide a consistent feature list for every welding helmet that lists the specifications in the same order and same measurements every time. Meaning that every welding mask can be compared side-by-side so you can see exactly where one welding helmet is stronger or weaker than another. With this diluted information without the marketing spin you have the power to make the right decision for you.

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By Brand, By Series, By Model

Some welders swear by a welding helmet brand and will be loyal until the end of their days while other welders want whatever’s new and ground breaking at the time. All brands featured on this website are backed by us as being amongst the industries best. If you already know what welding helmet brand you are after you can use the “By Brand”, “By Series” and “By Model” filters to drill down to the welding helmet you think will be best for you.

Like always at Welding Helmets Online we make selection easy and back it up with full service, our free delivery policy and our best price guarantee.

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